a regular...

1a The phrase to be a regular [CELEBRITY] is simply used to say that someone looks or behaves in a way that reminds you of someone famous. 

This expression basically means «Wow! You/he/she could pass for [CELEBRITY] with no problem!» because they have the same qualities, talents, skills, features, looks, behavior, etc. that remind you of someone famous. And by famous I mean a celebrity or a famous class of person. For instance, someone who's really rugged and fit can humorously be called a regular navy SEAL because navy SEALS are famous for being fit and tough. So if your kids have a race in the pool, you could tell the winner You're a regular navy SEAL!


Note that we don't normally use this phrase with the verb to look, but rather with the verb to be. In other words, instead of saying He looks like a regular Brad Pitt, we tend to just say He's a regular Brad Pitt.


⦿ to make it somewhere | to manage to show up somewhere/for an event

⦿ actually | Here it expresses a certain surprise: I didn't think I'd enjoy it, but I did!

⦿ to have a blast | to have a really good time

⦿ like | no meaning, just a filler word

⦿ totally ripped | all muscle and very little or no fat

⦿ to down | to drink an significant amount of something completely often in one gulp

⦿ to pull up | to arrive or approach in a vehicle

⦿ pickup | short for pickup truck

Adam tells his coworker, Dennis, about the company picnic he missed the day before. 


Adam: Too bad you couldn't make it to the company picnic yesterday. I actually had a blast. But you had to see Carl in Accounting... holy shit!

Dennis: You mean that nerd in the corner desk?

Adam: Nerd?! He took off his glasses and his shirt and he's like totally ripped. He downed half a bottle of whiskey and still won the arm wrestling competition. Then he got up on stage and won the karaoke contest!

Dennis: What?! Are we talking about the same guy?

Adam: Yes! So afterwards I asked him if he needed a ride home and he was like "Nah, my girlfriend's picking me up." Dude, I kid you not... this hot-ass blond pulls up in a pickup — a regular Pamela Anderson.

Dennis: Holy shit! Who knew Carl was such a badass!

Alex and Natasha are watching a movie when Alex gets the munchies.


Natasha: Hmmm, I have a sweet tooth all of a sudden.

Alex: Me too. Too bad "somebody" ate the slice of cheesecake I had in the refrigerator!

Natasha: Alex, there are five people living in this house. I hope you're not accusing me!

Alex: I sure am! I looked in the sink and found a fork with cheesecake on it... and a particular shade of pink lipstick.

Natasha: Wow, you're a regular Sherlock Holmes!


⦿ (to get) the munchies | to become really hungry all of a sudden

⦿ to have a sweet tooth | to feel like eating something sweet; to like sweets in general

⦿ "somebody" | Here: you. Alex means Natasha but doesn't want to mention any names or accuse her directly; he believes she knows what she did.

In this meme, the man on the left is obviously impressed and is telling the guy on the right that he's popular with the ladies and/or knows how to talk to women. Giacomo Casanova was an Italian writer, famous for seducing women and having several lovers. 

This meme is funny because it compares this guy to MacGuyver, a character in an American show of the same name. The star of the show, Angus MacGuyver, has extensive military training but refuses to carry a gun. Instead, he manages to get himself out of tight spots by making explosives, weapons and other helpful implements using regular everyday objects and substances. For instance, here, the guy in the meme used regular duct tape to fix his car. It's so farfetched that it's funny! 

Note that even though it has arent'cha (aren't you) at the end, this isn't a question. It's an extremely sarcastic observation. This is the same as using wow at the beginning of the statement: Wow, you're a regular MacGuyver! Also, this is the same sarcastic use of Oh explained here in point (1).

1b Although we normally use a regular... with the name of a celebrity, there are two exceptions that come to mind. 

One is the phrase to be a regular barrel of monkeys, which is used sarcastically to say that someone is VERY FUNNY... when they're actually not. For instance, when your brother pranks you and then finds it so funny or when someone tells a stupid joke, you can say You're a regular barrel of monkeys in both cases to show that you're not amused. In other words, this is another way of sarcastically saying Very funny! 

Another phrase we use with regular is to be a regular chip off the old block, which means for a son to be or act EXACTLY LIKE HIS FATHER. This can be genuine if the boy is really like his dad, or can be used in a snide or sarcastic way when the son hasn't inherited his father's best traits. Here, as in the above examples with celebrities, a regular is used to emphasize HOW MUCH LIKE his father he is — almost EXACTLY like him. 

Note that both these phrases can also be used without a regular

Alex is a real prankster. This morning, he put a rubber rat in his wife's lunchbox.


Alex: Did you find the little surprise I put in your lunchbox this morning.

Natasha: Yeah, you're a regular barrel of monkeys! You made me scream bloody murder in the middle of lunch.


⦿ to scream bloody/blue murder | to scream really loud 

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