In normal usage, the question pattern [VERB] much? is used to ask if someone often has the opportunity to engage in some hobby or activity: I noticed a tennis racket in your back seat. Play much? Here the speaker is just wondering if the listener often gets a chance to play tennis. It's short for Do you play much?

However, in recent times, this form of questioning has acquired a different meaning whereby it's used more as a sarcastic rhetorical criticism or accusation of doing a certain thing or acting a certain way. 

For instance, in the snippet below, Rita says Wow, victim much? Which theoretically stands for Wow, do you victim much? And if you're wondering what the noun victim is doing there, you're right. But strangely enough, any word that describes a general behavior can be used in front of much in this slang usage... nouns, verb, adjectives. Grammatically, it doesn't make sense, but colloquially, it works. Just remember that it's quite snarky, so use it with caution.


This expression is very commonly preceded by Wow, which expresses a sort of judgemental shock and outrage. In this usage, wow is pronounced quickly and calmly — as if you're in too much shock to react otherwise. That's why it's so popular with ...much? because in most cases, when we use this expression, we're stunned at what we're hearing. For instance, In the snippet below, Rita can't believe how dramatic and defeatist Christina's being. She finds it shocking.
As explained above, the underlying long version of this question would be Do you victim much? where "victim" represents ACTING LIKE A VICTIM. In other words, you can use almost any noun, adjective or verb in front of much and it'll work as long as it stands for a general behavior. And although it can be extremely snarky, it isn't always insulting to the listener when it's said more out of concern and "tough love", as in this snippet.

Rita and her friend, Christina, talk about going to a classmate's party.


Rita: What are you wearing to Scott's party tomorrow?

Christina: I’m not going to the party. Why should I? Everyone’s just going to make fun of my clothes, not talk to me, watch to see how much I eat and drink, talk about me at school the next day... I think I’ll just stay home where nobody can judge me.

Rita: Wow, victim much? With that kind of attitude, you might as well never leave your room. 

Here, Lazy much? is Nicky's way of saying Man, you're lazy! -or- Don't you think you're being a bit lazy?!

Nicky asks his son, Alex, about his plans for the weekend.


Nicky: Hey, wake up. It's Saturday morning. I'm thinking of taking the boat out. Want to come?

Alex: Nah. I'm going to sleep in. There's a show I want to watch at 10. 

Nicky: Don't forget it's your turn to cut the grass tomorrow.

Alex: Oh, I paid Andy to do it. I want to binge the new season of my show tomorrow.

Nicky: So you're basically going to spend the whole weekend in front of the tv? Lazy much? 

___________________⦿ to take the boat out | to go for a ride on one's boat for fishing or pleasure⦿ to sleep in | to not wake up at your usual time and just stay in bed until you decide to get up⦿ show | in conversation, we commonly call series shows ⦿ to binge (a show) | to watch all the episodes of a show in one sitting
________________________⦿ corny | extremely overly dramatic

Nicky and Natasha are sending their son, Alex, to France for the summer as part of an exchange program, and Natasha misses him already.


Natasha: This is the first time my baby’s ever been away from me for so long. God, I'm going to miss him!

Nicky: Oh God! Really, Natasha? Corny much? You’d think he was five!

This meme is funny because it presents a confusing situation: the girl in question routinely posts sexy pictures of herself for perfect strangers, but then gets jealous when other girls look at her boyfriend? The sarcastic comment at the end basically means «Don't you find your behavior a little... I don't know... CRAZY?!»

Here, the woman is asking her nosy friend a valid question: «If your life is so great, why do you spend so much of your time being nosy about my life? Obviously, you're jealous of me!»