won't have

{SOMEONE} -ing

This phrase is used to express that you won't tolerate someone doing something. It can be used in an angry or warning tone in reference to behavior you just will not stand for, or it can be used in a friendly tone when you're adamant about someone not putting themselves out for your sake. 

Below are examples of both.

Norma just had surgery and goes home to recuperate. Her elderly mother offers to come stay with her and help nurse her back to health. 


Mother: Norma, I'm glad you're home, honey, but I think I should go stay with you until you're on your feet again. I can cook for you, clean the house, see to the kids...

Norma: Mom, that's very sweet of you, really, but I won't have you going up and down the stairs all day with your bad hip. But don't worry, I've hired someone to take care of the kids and me until I'm better.

______________to see to {soemone} | to look after or take care of someone; to attend to someone

Little Kenny made a drawing of his deceased grandparents in heaven for art class. His art teacher gave him a bad grade because according to him, "Heaven doesn't exist — we just disappear when we die", which flies in the face of everything Kenny's family believes. When Kenny's father found out about this, he went through the roof and decided to confront the school principal.


Hugh: [to the school principal] I won't have this man or anyone else telling my child what to believe. This is a school — not a church!

______________deceased | deadto fly in the face of something | to completely oppose or be the opposite of something — especially a principle or beliefto go through the roof | to become furious; to lose one's temper; to freak out