[ ̄æ̃:] -or- [-mɛ:]

According to dictionaries, meh can be pronounced either as a long, nasalized [æ:], or as spelled. This exclamation is used to express indifference towards something, but leaning towards a dislike. This is especially true when it’s used in reference to something that everyone else seems to find popular, but leaves you cold; you don't get what all the buzz is about.

⦿ to start [a series] | to start watching a series from the first episode.⦿ corny | overly melodramatic or sentimental

Alex and Andrey are talking tv series on their lunch break. 


Alex: I finally started Squid Game last night. So far, it’s amazing. Have you seen it?

Andrey: Yep.

Alex: The whole thing?

Andrey:  Mmhmmm.

Alex: How’d you like the ending? Everyone says it’s crazy.

Andrey:  Meh. I’ve seen better. I actually thought it was a little corny.

____________Actually here means something like to be honest.