[èyɛsei̯pʰíː] -or- [éɪ̯sæp]

This is simply a contraction of AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, which can be said letter by letter, or read as it's written.

_______________⦿ a blast from the past | Here: a surprise call from someone you haven't seen in a long time⦿ maid of honor | The most important bridesmaid at a wedding⦿ to be short notice | To not give someone enough time to plan, prepare for something⦿ up in the air | Said of something that hasn't been confirmed, isn't official yet, is still pending 

Natasha gets a call from an old friend with some great news. In this dialog, you'll hear both versions of this phrase.


Vicky: Natasha, hey it's me, Vicky.

Natasha: Wow! Talk about a blast from the past! How are you?

Vicky: Good. Actually great! I'm getting married!

Natasha: Shut up! That's amazing. When's the wedding?

Vicky: That's the thing. My fiancé's from France, so we have to get married asap so he can stay in the country. The wedding's next weekend. I want you to be my maid of honor. I hope this isn't too short notice. 

Natasha: A little, but I can make it work!

Vickly: Well, everything's up in the air until we hear from Immigration — we can't get married without an interview.

Natasha: Well, let me know asap so I can make arrangements at work.